Over the course of the last several releases of Apples new iPhones, we have seen some major modus operandi over the scandal or controversy. When we saw the iPhone 4 released, soon after there was the “Antennagate”. Antennagate is the original name in which Steve Jobs provided for the controversy over the iPhone 4’s antenna […]
Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that the ISIS terrorists are receiving funding from at least 40 countries, including G-20 members. After the just-concluded G-20 meet in Turkey, Putin told reporters that he shared Russian intelligence data on Islamic State financing with his G-20 colleagues: In 2014, when American President Barack Obama named ISIS, Russia and […]
You will find a number of odd ways you can chat with people nowadays, from instant messaging to Facebook Messenger and programs like Hip Chat, Slack, WhatsApp, etc. If you would like to build your personal private chatting system without any hassle besides entering a different Address in your web browser, nonetheless, you can’t make […]
Microsoft is known famously from their operating system Windows. However, in more recent times, Microsoft is producing more electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. The Microsoft Corporation is now working on a Cortana-Based wearable device in which they labeled as “Clip”. The billion dollar company had introduced several new devices in New […]
Harmless folks who wanted to enjoy the game called Cowboy Adventure could possibly have found sensitive information jeopardized thanks to the malware inside the application. The internet and global security service providers ESET published an article describing how an app available on Google Play, was able to grab personal information off users. Apparently, Cowboy Adventure, […]
An annual Freedom House study has concluded that the internet is getting less and less free; the impact of surveillance, government attacks against freedom of speech and outright censorship is to blame. The Internet Freedom Report written by the organization has noted that this is the fifth year in a row in which digital civil […]